Purchasing a Home Becomes a part of Your Legacy!


Part of your legacy starts with an investment. Real estate is an investment. If you are looking to invest in your legacy by purchasing your first home, dream home, or even an investment property, then you have landed in the right place. R’Che Feon is dedicated to helping you understand the type of investment you are making when looking to buy a home.


As a homeowner and professional real estate agent, R’Che Feon knows how exciting and complex the home searching and buying process can be. Which is why R’Che Feon is dedicated to guiding you through the process, so that you are not overwhelmed by time or money spent on this type of investment. Identifying your needs, educating you on your options, and representing your best interests are R’Che Feon’s commitments to you. So, if you are ready to make one of the biggest investments to your legacy with a property, then allow R’Che Feon and her team of experts to help you accomplish that goal.

The Buyer Process

There is a lot to know about the home buying process. This guide will answer some of the key questions that a buyer may have. However, an agent will gladly answer questions and guide a client through the entire process. 

Down Payment Assistance

Down Payment Assistance is a program that provides money towards the down payment of purchasing a home. This money is provided to eligible clients for free. Yes, the money is free; it does not have to be paid back.