R'Che Feon and Lamon Presents 

Credit to Close 

A Program Designed Just for You 

What You'll Get

Customized plan for cleaning your report and increasing your credit score. 

Customized plan to help you achieve your real estate goal(s) of becoming a Homeowner, Investor, and or Landlord. 

Scheduled One-on-One sessions with Lamon and R'Che Feon for progress reports, Q&As, and brainstorming.

Credit to Close interactive workbook. 

Cleaned credit report and increased credit score. 

Own real estate as a Homeowner, Investor, or Landlord. 

Lifelong connection with Lamon and R'Che Feon. 


Credit to Close 

Credit Building 



You will first have a free consultation with Lamon. Lamon will review your credit report and provide you with a game plan for repairing and rebuilding your credit based on your goals and needs. 


Lamon will then assign the credit repair package to you that best suits your unique situation. Once you pay the invoice and submit the required documents, credit repair process will begin. 

Homeownership Planning



Following your credit repair consultation, you'll have a home planning session with R'Che Feon to discuss your goals and create a plan that will help you achieve that goal. R'Che will discuss the different home buying options, loans, necessary requirements for homeownership, ways to help you save for homeownership, and so much more. 


Remember this is a planning session and will need to be revised as you get closer to your credit score goal. Lamon will also step in to provide tips on saving money and maintaining your credit score. 

Home Buying Process



Once you have reached the necessary credit score to acquire property, you will have a buyer's consultation with R'Che Feon to discuss and get started with the home buying process


At this post, your credit report should be clean, your credit score should have increased, you have saved money, and you are ready to be approved for a mortgage loan. 

Closing on a Property 



You and R'Che Feon would have made it through all steps of the home buying process and now you are days away from closing on your property. 


No matter if your goal was to be a first-time homeowner, investor, or landlord, you will find yourself at the closing table to get your keys. 

Remember, your relationship with R'Che Feon and Lamon does not end here. You have them for life :) 

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